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Claims Administration

Welcome to the Claims Administration Section

Mission Statement

The Claims Administration Section seeks to provide reliable, accurate, and efficient claims servicing to employees, employers, insurance companies, and the citizens of North Carolina.

Who We Are

The Claims Administration section performs a variety of functions for the North Carolina Industrial Commission. In addition to processing workers’ compensation injury reports (Form 19) and claims forms (Form 18 or 18B), Claims also processes the forms related to claim acceptance or denial, return to work, payment of permanent partial disability ratings, occupational diseases, death claims and claim closures. Claims Administration also researches insurance coverage information, assigns carrier codes and updates claimant, carrier and third party administrator addresses. You may contact Claims Administration for file copy requests or information about claim status. (Note: Please e-mail completed forms to

How We Can Help

Employees in the Claims Administration section are here to help employees, employers, carriers, medical providers, attorneys and other interest parties with information on insurance coverage, claim status, and file copy requests.

Who We Are Not

We Do Not Provide Legal Advice

The North Carolina Industrial Commission cannot provide you with legal advice on your case. Since we are a state agency dedicated to objectivity and neutrality, we cannot suggest an attorney, insurance carrier, medical provider or any other third party entity to assist or support citizens. For resources regarding how to locate an attorney, please visit the North Carolina State Bar “Find A Lawyer” web page,

Insurance Information and Other Databases

The N.C. Industrial Commission offers a number of databases that provide information on insurance coverage of an employer in the State of North Carolina, as well as information about Workers' Compensation and Tort cases. To access the Insurance Coverage Search System, click here. To access the Livelink? case management database, click here. (NOTE: To log in to Livelink?, type public in all lowercase letters in both the Username: and Password: text boxes, and then click the Log-in button.)

Claims Contact Information

The preferred method of contacting the Claims Administration is by telephone. There are several staff members dedicated to answering your questions and assisting with inquiries.

The main phone number for the NC Industrial Commission is 919-807-2501,
or Toll-Free at 800-688-8349.

To find out your Industrial Commission file number, or the status of Form 18 or 19, press 1.

To find out the status of a pending agreement for payment of a rating, press 2.

For an explanation or questions about procedures under the Workers’ Compensation Act or questions about your claim, press 3.

For any other questions, or to speak with the attendant, press 0 or remain on the line.

Our normal Business Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Phone calls received after normal hours will be transferred to a voicemail system that will be checked the next business day.

Claims Contact List

For questions regarding Motions for Interim Attorney's Fees, requests for Disfigurement Opinions, Form 26D, Form 30, and Form 63 Motions for Extension of Time, please contact Claims Administration Section Director Tamara R. "Tammy" Nance directly at:

Title Name E-mail
Director Tamara R. "Tammy" Nance
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