Help Line: (800) 688-8349, (919) 716-1700, or
Fraud and Insurance Compliance Hotline: (888) 891-4895 or


NCIC Compliance Division

Our Mission

The Compliance Division works with North Carolina businesses to ensure compliance with the insurance requirements of the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act.


The Compliance Division handles civil cases involving employers who are operating as noninsured employers in violation of N.C. Gen. Stat. § 97-93 and N.C. Gen. Stat. § 97-94. An employer is considered non-insured if the employer is subject to the Workers’ Compensation Act but does not carry workers’ compensation insurance or does not obtain a license from the Commissioner of Insurance as a self-insured employer. The Compliance Division investigates referrals to determine whether an employer is subject to the Workers’ Compensation Act and, if so, whether the employer is compliant with the Act in terms of insurance requirements. An administrative penalty can be assessed for a period that the employer was subject to the Act but not compliant in terms of insurance requirements. The Compliance Division also assists the North Carolina Department of Justice with the enforcement and collection of penalty assessments and facilitates adjudication of contested penalty cases and settlements.

Compliance Contacts

The Compliance Division consists of a Director, an Assistant Director, five compliance officers, two compliance assistants, and four paralegals. The paralegals have cases assigned by alphabet based on the employer’s name. Employers who begin with the letter ‘A’ will be assigned under the ‘A’ alphabet. If the name begins with “The”, it will be assigned under the alphabet of the next letter in the name. The telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and paralegal assignments for the Compliance Division are as follows:

Title Name E-mail Phone Fax
Director Shannon Wharry (919) 716-1735 (919) 807-2696
Assistant Director Lauren White Halbert (919) 716-1738 (919) 807-2696
Compliance Officer Vickie Boone (919) 716-1703 (919) 807-2696
Compliance Officer René Cossin (919) 716-1702 (919) 807-2696
Compliance Officer Yavette Harris (919) 716-1706 (919) 807-2696
Compliance Officer-Temp Damien Kral (919) 807-2569 (919) 807-2696
Compliance Officer Frank Ramirez (919) 716-1704 (919) 807-2696
Compliance Officer Victoria Wise (919) 716-1705 (919) 807-2696
Compliance Assistant Gina Bunn (919) 716-1708 (919) 807-2696
Compliance Assistant Susan Miller (919) 716-1707 (919) 807-2696
Julia Bartz (919) 716-1732 (919) 807-2696
Kristen Calcaterra (919) 716-1730 (919) 807-2696
Paralegal/Accounting Clerk
Alicia O'Neal Ellis (919) 716-1729 (919) 807-2696
(S-Z symbols or numbers)
Qiara McCain (919) 716-1739 (919) 807-2696
N.C. Department of Justice Grace Linthicum (919) 716-6831 (919) 807-2696
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