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Mediation Section

NC Industrial Commission Mediation Section

Our Mission

The Mediation Section is responsible for effectively, fairly and efficiently administering the Commission’s mediation program, with the goal of empowering the parties in pending cases to take an active role in the resolution of their disputes, to minimize the need for hearings and appeals, to expedite the dispute resolution process, and to enable the Commission to devote its adjudicatory resources to those cases not conducive to settlement. Deputy Commissioner John C. Schafer is the Dispute Resolution Coordinator for the Mediation Section.

What We Do

When a claim is contested the parties are generally referred to mediation as a way of resolving the claim without a formal hearing. When an injured worker is not represented by an attorney, the case usually bypasses mediation. The Mediation Section oversees this process by educating the stakeholders concerning mediation theories and procedures, ruling on any motions related to mediation, and by insuring that the parties and mediators adhere to certain timelines, move the case forward, and submit the required forms and reports. While the mediators who serve in these cases are generally not state employees, the mediators on the Industrial Commission’s appointed list must complete a formal mediation training program and be certified by the Dispute Resolution Commission.

Mediator Databases

NCIC Mediator Database

The N.C. Industrial Commission Mediator Database contains information concerning both Mediators on the Commission’s Appointed List (indicated by an "a" in the Status field of the mediator’s record) and Mediators who are not on the Commission’s Appointed List (and thus not eligible for appointment by the Commission) but who can be chosen by the parties as their Mediator. Click the hyperlink below to search the NCIC database.

To search the NCIC Mediator Database, click here.

DRC Mediator Database

The NC Dispute Resolution Commission provides a database of certified mediators that is much larger and far more comprehensive than the N.C. Industrial Commission mediator database.

To search the DRC Mediator Database, first click here. You will be taken to the NC Dispute Resolution Commission Web Site. Once there, click the link entitled, "Mediated Settlement Conference Mediators (Superior Court).”

Mediation Section Staff

Below is a list of the Mediation Section staff.

N.C. Industrial Commission General Contact Information can be found HERE

Title Name E-mail Phone
John C. Schafer Deputy Commissioner &
Dispute Resolution Coordinator  
Mary F. Roussel Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2586
Danny A. Salian Administrative Assistant (919) 807-2620

Mediation Forms

The following forms are used in the Mediation Section to request mediation orders, designate mediators, report the results of mediation conferences, and for other related purposes.

For a complete list of all NCIC Forms, click here.

Form MSC1, Consent Order for Mediated Settlement Conference

Form MSC2, Petition for Order Referring Case to Mediated Settlement Conference

Form MSC3, Order for Mediated Settlement Conference (Microsoft Word Version of Form MSC3)

Form MSC4, Designation of Mediator (Microsoft Word Version of Form MSC4)

Form MSC5, Report of Mediator (Microsoft Word Version of Form MSC5)

Form MSC6, Mediator’s Declaration of Interest and Qualifications

Form MSC7, Report of Evaluator

Form MSC8, Mediated Settlement Agreement (Microsoft Word Version of Form MSC8)

Form MSC9, Mediated Settlement Agreement - Alternative Form

NOTICE: If you have any questions about these forms, please e-mail
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